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Below, you’ll find quick link to the many services offered by Insurance Strategies and Consulting Services from Dominion Insurance of Texas.  And, to learn more about what our clients have experienced with us, click here for Testimonials and Reviews.

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Employee Benefits

Use Dominion Insurance of Texas insurance strategies and consulting to develop a variety of employee benefit offerings that provide a value add for your employees and business.  And, we’ll help you administer them as well. Options include:

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Business Insurance

Business Benefits & Consulting

In addition to helping you with employee insurance and benefit options, Dominion Insurance of Texas can help you with longetivity planning for your business.

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Future Retirement Solutions by BBX

Longevity Planning - Annuities & Retirement

Consult with us to explore numerous annuitiy and retirement strategies and solutions.

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Group & Voluntary Life / AD&D

Group Life Insurance / AD&D Accidental Life & Death) is an important benefit and Group Life Insurance is most often less expensive than an individual policy.

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Group & Voluntary Long Term Disability (LTD) and Short Term Disability (STD):

Long and Short Term Disability insurance protects the one thing that most people need the most when they cannot work, their Income. We can help find a plan, such as  Short or Long Term Disability that can help make this option affordable to the Employer and the Employee.

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Dominion Insurance of TexasIndividual Health Plan

Group & Individual Health Plans

We offer Group Major Medical Health Insurance / Indemnity Plan Covrage for Employers and Employees.

Limited-benefit individual medical insurance plans available generally have  lower and more restricted benefits than major medical insurance, but with lower premiums.  They are intended to provide basic medical coverage for specified diseases and medical conditions, as well as accidental injuries.

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Cafeteria & Premium Only Plans & Flexible Spending Accounts

We have a number of carriers that can assist with the administration of Section 125 plans (Cafeteria Plans); Premium Only Plans and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA).

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Voluntary Accident Coverage

Accident insurance helps provide a layer of protection for employees and their dependents that major medical plans may not cover.

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Critical Care Insurance

Supplemental Plans

A variety of Supplement Insurance policies, such as Critical Illness, Hospital, Accident, Dental and STD-LTD policies are available.

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Dental & Eye Care

Long Term Care

Long Term Care Products (Group and Individual )

Group and Individual Long Term Care, the often ignored or forgotten, insurance need. We offer a variety of products are available in a variety of options.

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Next Day/Short Term Medical
Short-Term Medical

Why Buy Short-Term Medical?  Short-term medical (STM) insurance plans are designed for healthy individuals and families to bridge gaps in health care coverage. They offer the security of coverage and provide protection from catastrophic and unexpected healthcare emergencies.

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Dental & Vision (Group & Individual)

Individual Dental or Group Dental is one of the benefits most requested.   a Vision and/or Hearing  benefit can be offered on an individual basis or as an Employer paid or Voluntary Basis.

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Individual Dental/Hearing/Vision Insurance

Employer/Employee Group Dental Hearing/Vision Insurance

Final Expense Benefit Plans

Final Expense Life Insurance

Domion Insurance of Texas offers final expense plans in the form of smaller, permanent life insurance policies, usually with a $50,000 or less death benefit and a guaranteed premium. 

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Individual Life Insurance

Life Insurance for Individuals

Is life insurance really necessary?

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Testimonials & Reviews

Read what our clients say about their experience with insurance strategies and consulting development with Dominion Insurance of Texas.

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