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Long Term Care (LTC) Products


Long Term Care (LTC) products and services are available from Dominion Insurance of Texas. These policies help meet the needs of people with chronic illness or disability. Both medical and non­-medical conditions contribute to their not being able to care for themselves for long periods.

Long Term Care insurance options can cover care provided at home, housing at an assisted living facility or permanent transition to a nursing rehabilitation center or Alzheimer’s facility.  Additionally, It may also offer coverage for temporary or transitional care such as  adult daycare, respite care or hospice care.  As well, It can even address home renovations to accommodate disabilities.

None of us wish to envision a time when we or our loved ones are unable to perform daily living activities without assistance. Nor do we envision a time when our cognitive abilities deteriorate substantially impacting our overall ability to function on our own.

Dominion Insurance of Texas can help you navigate through this season in your life journey.  With proper planning and selection of the best solutions for your individual needs, you can rest easy.

Whether your are an employer or an individual, LTC is a great offering for employees and is considered a valuable benefit from their employer.

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Long Term Care
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