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Health Insurance Bill Review
Couple reviewing health insurance bill

It’s Friday.  How would you like to begin the week saving 30% on your health insurance. With inflation growing by leaps and bounds, every penny counts.

It is hard enough to afford gas. Here in La Grange, gas was $2.51 this morning and after lunch, it was already up to $2.74.

The same thing is happening in the health insurance industry.  My clients are saving real dollars using indemnity health insurance policies from specific companies that we can offer you.

Here are a couple of examples:  Client A submitted a claim and was reimbursed for the total amount plus the remainder left of the benefit due.  It was sent back directly to the client in the mode of a check.

Client B had surgery, submitted the claim for a tonsilectomy, and received payment in full for the hospital, doctor, anesthesiologist plus the remaining balance of the benefit balance.

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